SaniSpray HP 130 Electric Airless Disinfectant Sprayer

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1,574.00 Ounces

The Graco SaniSpray HP 130 is the ideal disinfectant sprayer solution that delivers maximum, 2-gun productivity on large disinfecting jobs. Uniquely built with the highest-grade materials that are compatible with disinfectants, sanitizers and deodorizers.

Designed to deliver consistent edge-to-edge coverage, without heavy drips and runs, so that you can achieve specified disinfectant dwell times on larger jobs like apartment complexes, warehouses, heavy commercial buildings, hospitals, stadiums and more.

  • 2-Gun Productivity
    • Highest production airless disinfectant sprayer available on market
    • Simultaneous dual gun performance for maximum disinfection rates

  • Spray From Any Container
    • Extended spraying without refills

  • Extended Reach To Spray Anywhere
    • Add up to 300 ft of hose

  • SmartControl Adjustable Pressure Control
    • Full range control delivers even coverage on specific objects or area fine misting

  • Roll & Go Cart Design
    • Easily move sprayer and chemical bucket together

  • Endurance Piston Pump with ProConnect
    • Allows faster application to speed up disinfection process

  • Lightweight SaniSpray HP Guns &
    Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) X LP Spray Tips
    • Choose from 17 RAC X spray tips to meet your coating's dwell time and atomization requirements

  • 15 inch Spray Extensions
    • Provides additional reach
    • Reduces operator chemical exposure

  • MaxPower Motor & Advantage Drive
    • Dependable motor with spark-free operation provides ability to spray alcohol-based (flammable) chemicals

  • Ready to Spray
    • Comes with everything you need – just add disinfectant and get to work